What is Primary Source Verification?

 A highly reliable and accurate background screening process used to verify applicant credentials directly from the original issuing source.

Data Flow Group is a Dubai-based company that provides Primary Source Verification solutions, background screening and immigration compliance services. The aim of this service is to prevent non-qualified staff using fake certificates, professional credentials and legal documents. Through this dataflow, companies safe guard their operational integrity and communities best interests by providing accurate, reliable and timely background screening.

For working in Countries such as Oman, Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar & United Arab Emirates, the Dataflow report is mandatory. For countries like Oman, Saudi, Bahrain & Qatar, dataflow is a separate process whereas for UAE exams such as HAAD, DHA & UAE MOH, dataflow comes together with the exam process.

Verified credentials may cover identification data, education degrees, job histories, practice licenses, work permits and passports, among other documents.

Dataflow usually takes 30 working days to get finished. E-Mail and Phone calls are the usual way used by dataflow group for verification. But in some cases direct site visit will be also initiated. The dataflow report will be submitted to the concerned regulatory authority.